Sunny Sunday in the garden

Henbogle coop was put on hold today, we decided we needed to work in the vegetable garden. It was gorgeous today, but we’ve got rain in the forecast for the coming week, (and we need it) so gardening after work is unlikely this week.

Today we direct seeded the following:
Broccoli — Early Dividend
Cauliflower — Mixed selection
Swiss Chard — Bright Lights
Carrots — Red Cored Chantenay
Radish — Easter Egg
Beets — Ruby Queen and Burbee’s Golden

The garden looks beautiful, full of promise of good eating to come. Dan did a lot of weeding while I planted.

We also cut some poles for the pole beans (seeds from my colleague and garden pal Mike), and wrapped up the day with work on our rain barrels. We got word from the Richmond Utilities District to expect our water and sewer rates to increase, probably by 30%. Yikes! We’ve been thinking about rain barrels for some time, but the proposed increase moved thought to action.

We had one barrel, which we set up by the garden shed, using leftover gutter material to add a gutter and downspout directly into the barrel. We found some additional barrels via Uncle Henry’s from a guy who works at a bottling plant in Lewiston. We added one of the back of the barn, and one on the front of the house, in the far corner. We’ll add one more behind the house by the grapevine. We will order barrel taps from Lee Valley, and, I hope, reduce drastically the water we use in the garden. We still need to make covers for the barrels, to keep out stray animals, mosquitos, etc.

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