Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

Today is Dan’s, and our friend Michelle’s, (Happy Birthday, Michelle!) birthday. In honor of the day, I’m letting Dan sleep in, then we’ll have breakfast cooked on the grill and coffee on the deck. We’ll gaze admiringly at the new Adirondack style chairs I gave Dan for a birthday present, and enjoy the birds at the feeders and the chickens.

Later on, Bill and Michelle will join us for dinner cooked on the grill, and I’m making birthday cake (carrot, Dan’s favorite) and I think Bill is bringing strawberry shortcake. Hey, birthdays come but once a year, celebrate, eat 2 desserts!
Happy Birthday, Dan. I love you and wish you many more happy birthdays –together with me, of course.


3 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!”

  1. Weezer Says:

    Very nice chairs on your recently stained deck. Good color.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Happy Happy birthday Dan! Hope it was a great day. Sorry to miss the cake. Hope we can get a raincheck. The chairs look wonderful and I like the deck color. Karen

  3. Lynn Says:

    Hello from Alaska….Happy Bday Dan….I guess I got it all wrong, huh??? For some reason I thought you & Michelle’s bday was on the 28th of June…lol?????? Not sure where that date came from. Anyway…the chair look great….

    we’re having the time of our lives here in Alaska. Will need to WALK tons when I get home….

    see ya soon!


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