A Big Step

Todays’ project was preparing the gravel bed for the deck steps — a convenient way of putting off the trauma of selecting a stain color.

This area is so heavily trafficked, no grass will survive. We decided to use a concrete Walkmaker mold to put in a solid landing surface at the bottom of the steps, and fill in around with the gravel, edging the gravel with the brick.

Phase 1
Using the beloved purple hose to outline the shape of the landing pad, making sure we have enough room for the Walkmaker.

Phase 2

Digging out the sod and and backfilling with sand, preparing a base for the concrete.

Phase 3
Mixing concrete and filling the mold. Repeat 2 more times.

Tomorrow, fill in between the far left and center molds with a ‘rock’ made from the mold with extra concrete mix, then fill around the molds with sand, and the rest of the area with gravel.


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