The Intruder (by Damon)

What’s up with RV Names? A few years ago, while camping on Cape Cod in Brewster State Park, an RV pulled in to the next campsite. The model name — the Intruder (this is a true story.) How creepy is it to be tenting in a state park when the campers next door proudly pull in driving a vehicle named the Intruder?

According to my ancient American Heritage Dictionary, the definition of intruder is:
1. To put or force in inappropriately, especially without invitation, fitness, or permission. Why would you name a recreational vehicle the Intruder? What an unpleasant association for a vehicle that is designed to be driven about the country on holiday. On the other hand, it’s a great name for an ATV — but we won’t go there today.

Driving home recently from New York following a holiday weekend, I recalled the creepily-named RV, and began watching for more names (it is a long drive.) Here’s what I saw on that trip, and since then, most recently today, when I followed a Conqueror through the toll both on the Maine Turnpike:


The last one, the Security, isn’t in and of itself so bad, but in our current political climate, I feel it has bad juju. (The Security — Spycam and grenade launcher included. See dealer for details.)

What’s with the manufacturers of these vastly expensive vehicles? Are they illerate? Did they flunk out of 6th grade? Can they not use a dictionary? What about those dorky 50s movies, with the female heroine calling the police “there’s an intruder in the house!” Did they not watch tv?

Meanwhile, Dan and I are saving up for retirement. Maybe we’ll buy an Intruder, and terrorize the countryside. OK, well, maybe not.


6 Responses to “The Intruder (by Damon)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thought maybe you were picking this up for your camping trip.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    What a hoot! Mom

  3. weezer Says:

    Well, I have to agree with you; Lee definetly agrees with you on 1 thing, those bleeppety blip, bleepen ATV’s!!

  4. Hollive Says:

    And why stop here? There are dozens of good names still left. . .

    How about the Pillager, the Conflagration, the Gorilla (yes, it’s a pun), the Clear-cut, the Marauder (I think that’s in use, though), or the Sunstroke (very toasty inside!)?

    RV companies take note! Highly qualified person with a marketing mindset seeks employment in the marketing department of a progressive RV company. . .

  5. Ali Says:

    What about the Bushwhacker? The Prarie Fire, The Supernova? Wow, this could be interesting….

  6. weezer Says:

    I think we hit a nerve here….

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