Thyme Is On Our Side

We finished the deck landing today. Dan stopped by HD yesterday and bought 3 additional faux brick pavers, so this morning, before it got too awfully hot, we finished. (You can see the 3 new pavers on the far right, by the barn door. I hope after a few weeks, they will age as the others have.)

I filled the cracks with a 50/50 mix of the screened subsoil and compost. We had some thyme happily growing in a container, so we transplanted that, and sprinkled some thyme seeds about, too, for good measure.

We’ll do our
best to keep it well watered for the rest of the summer to give the thyme a fighting chance, and plant more next spring.

4 Responses to “Thyme Is On Our Side”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It looks wonderful. So finished looking.
    I haven’t got very far with my rock wall down the driveway. The day was so hot yesterday that when I drove my shovel into the hill it was like hitting cement with rocks and I became quickly exhausted. I managed four nice big rocks before I dropped one on my leg and decided to stop for the day. Today I keep looking at it but seem to find other little things to do. Now I think we shall go to camp for the weekend. Ah well, can’t do it all in one day. Karen

  2. weezer Says:

    I love the idea of the concrete, because it will ‘age’ very beautifilly with & over thyme! It looks like you broke off the pavers into pieces to created more space between the pavers, this would enable you to embed the thyme, correct? Did you have it in mind to create more paver pieces to reach the brick & give more “space” for more thyme; and, maybe just have the gravel in front of the barn ‘door area’ which would create 2 distinct apron areas?

  3. Ali Says:

    If you look in the below post “A Big Step,” you’ll see Dan shoveling concrete mix into the mold we used for the pavers. Each section of pavers is made with a mold, and designed to fit closely together. We didn’t deliberately leave spaces, that is the way to mold came. We did add one extra “paver” where the steps angle and left a gap.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Love the walk. Very nice to step on.

    I especially love the cute little wood dryer rack on your deck. Must be another yard sale find. You little hunters you!


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