Snow today, our second snow of the season. On December 14, 2000, the day we closed on the house, we had a terrific snowstorm, with over 16 inches of snow, and that was the second or third storm of the season. We had a lot of snow that year, and a couple of long cold snaps; it felt like the Maine of my youth. I remember shoveling the driveway and wondering where we were going to actually put the snow.

In the intervening years, we’ve had far less snow. The year before last, we bought a small electric snowblower at the end of the season, and last year we did not even use it once. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. While I like the snow, I’m over the thrill of shoveling my very own driveway.

The chickens don’t like the snow. Its funny, they will be out all day in a cold November rain, but they totally freak out over the snow. The first storm we had they completely refused to leave Henbogle Coop, staying inside for 2 straight days, even though we opened the door for them every day. This morning when I brought them some spinach and aging grapes, they were in the Coop, but did come out reluctantly for their treat.

After the first snowstorm, Dan and I assembled a hoop house for the girls, to give them a snow-free place to roam, so today I threw their treat into the hoop house to lure them in. Iris refused to come out into the snow, but Poppy, Marigold, Hyacinth and Zinnia braved the terrifying flakes to scarf up some grapes. They liked their snow dome, because when I checked on them later in the afternoon, the four of them were still there and looked to have spent much of the day there, while Iris fretted alone in the coop. Silly chickens.

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  1. weezer Says:

    Hi guys! All we’ve had in Dutchess County New York is RAIN! But I’m not complaining since it’s keeping the heating bill down (I do miss the snow). I love the picture of the house! Your chicken pics & soap stories are always enjoyable.

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