The 1-Hour Brick Oven

While doing some research for work today I found this example of a dry-stacked wood-fired pizza oven, and I’m dying to give it a whirl. Stacked on a pallet in the back yard we have a good collection of free-cycled bricks, and the house came with a good inventory of concrete block. We have plenty of nice dry split firewood, all ready for the woodstove, and a flat-ish spot of ground. Now all I need is the time, a few refractory bricks, and some refractory cement.

The oven designer-builder, Dale A. Callaham, built the oven pictured here in under an hour, using a chimney flue liner as the oven chamber. According to his website, the chimney flue liner cracked after a few uses, so he designed a cast oven roof using refractory cement. What a clever idea!

I’m going to skip the chimney flue-liner option and move directly to the cast refractory cement oven roof option when I try mine — after all, I have a cement mixer, I might as well put that baby to work! The big question, can I manage this in time for a looming birthday celebration? A Pizza Party would be such a good way to celebrate, especially if it did not include the smoke detectors blaring away.

5 Responses to “The 1-Hour Brick Oven”

  1. Tracy Says:

    Wow! I’m amazed at all you accomplish. I’ll feel lucky if I get my seed order in before March 1!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Ali, I have checked the site several times and have gone on to some of the others. My little brain is just a whirring away! I see pizza, lasagne, chicken and calzones alla woodfire in my near future!! Thank you!

  3. Ali Says:


    Believe me, there’s a lot I don’t accomplish, like vacuuming, dusting, and folding laundry. And yikes, I need to get started on my seed order!

  4. Ali Says:

    In addition to pizza, lasagne, calzones, think roast lamb or turkey, rustic breads, cassolet, baked beans… and sitting around the oven enjoying it over a beer!

    I’m going to the masonry supply place this weekend!

  5. weezer Says:

    Yeah, I can see you guys building this cool looking cement/brick oven outside next to your new deck. Kind of like an oversized Chimnea with bricks carefully nested inside the cement housing with a cool looking chimney shape.

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