Slower Sunday

Sunday we moved a little slower, no doubt in recovery from Saturday, but we did cover a lot from the list, and added some new tasks:

  • Planted salad greens, yay!
  • Set up hoop house frame over salad bed
  • Connect waterline to hose bib
  • Laid the waterline to the back yard, including solving some hose connector problems with help from our fabulous local hardware store
  • Watered the salad bed and the new blueberries with the new waterline
  • entertained my student employees for dinner
  • did 2 loads of laundry and hung it on the line, mmm I love that scent!

Still to go….

  • Add compost and turn over vegetable garden
  • Fertilize and weed perennial beds (4 of 7 left to do)
  • Turn over working compost pile (when finished bin is empty)
  • Move Golden Mops to new bed
  • Plant new plants
  • Prime the barn wall above the hosta bed
  • Transplant perennials to grape arbor bed –still to go, Lamb’s Ear, Flax

Ah, well, that’s what the evenings are for!

2 Responses to “Slower Sunday”

  1. Sugarcamp Says:

    Were you looking forward to going to work on Monday?

  2. Ali Says:

    Hmmm, work or gardening…. is there a choice? And I still have so much I want to do!

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