Mom’s Garden

Dan’s mom shared these photos and commentary about her garden recently. “Welcome to my modified square foot vegetable garden. In a 5’x13′ space there are 3 tomato plants, 5 eggplants, 6 bell pepers, a parsley patch, a row of radishes, a pot of spearmint, a square of carrots and 6 zucchini plants. Notice the paved slate garden path reconstructed by yours truly.”
Right next to the vegetable garden is my flower garden under the front window. Perennials planted last year are doing nicely. Among the annuals, are my favorite pale yellow petunias, positioned next to dark purple salvia. My friend Salley’s gift of a miniature yellow rose is in full bloom. Plans are forming for changes as is customary with garden beds.”
Mom is one fabulous gardener (and MIL), I hope I’m still gardening as well when I’m looking at 70 in the rearview mirror.

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  1. Louise & Lee Says:

    When I visited them Father’s Day weekend I was most impressed by the slate walk that she reconstructed. She used a mixture of vinegar & salt to keep the weeds out of the new walkway. besides the slate she added sand in between the slate pavers. It turned out great. I love stone & rocks!

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