Sunday’s list

Saturday morning, I made a list. Dan added a few items.Then Bill came over to do some tree surgery on the ailing sour cherry tree. Bill trimmed off the loose bark, looked for insects, and then later I sprayed it with wound cover to keep any insects out. (I crossed this task off the list right away.)

Later we loaded the lilac trimmings into the truck to take to the town brush dump, then went grocery shopping. Sunday, I got up and planted seedlings, then Dan and I attacked the Japanese knotweed. Although we both hate using the stuff, we cut the tops off and sprayed Roundup into the hollow stems, hoping to kill it.

We tried this to some knotweed last year and it was successful, so this time we tried to get as much of it as possible. See all the cut stems? This was one of three patches, ugh.

We took 2 huge truckloads of knotweed to the brush dump. I love having a truck!

Then mowing, first with lawn tractor, then mower, then weed whacker. This is why you should always wear long pants when you use the weed whacker.

We crossed a lot of tasks off the list this weekend. I love that.

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  1. Chris The Gardener Says:

    OMG! That last picture is HI-larious! Did it stain?

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