More titmouse tales

The intrepid tufted titmouse was back looking for more dog hair recently. You can see the bird just behind the arm of the deck chair, sizing up Fisher. Unfortunately for them, we had Fisher clipped for the summer. The titmouse was not impressed with that decision.

Their young fledge pretty quickly, so I’m wondering if they are working on a second brood for the year. I’ll have to look into that more, I haven’t seen anything so far. I did learn here that the females build the nest, so it must be Trudy titmouse pulling hair from the dog.

This is not a great photo, but if you look closely through the mesh of the deck chair, you can see Trudy perched on Fisher’s behind.

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  1. Chris The Gardener Says:

    So wait a sec… this little bird is actively pulling it from the dog? And the dog lets her? That is priceless!

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