Winter preparations, just in time

Saturday we had a cold and very windy day, brr. In light of predictions for a big nor’easter on Monday, we bustled about putting clear plastic over the draftiest windows, and I roasted yet another turkey because I am craving some turkey sandwiches and a pot of turkey soup . Turkey with cranberry sauce, and hot open-faced turkey sandwiches with gravy now await.

This morning the weather service has forecasted even more snow all day on Monday, with accumulations of 2-4 inches Sunday night, and 8-12 more inches on Monday. Today, we need to finish as many more outdoor chores as we can. I started by filling all the birdfeeders this morning, but there’s a lot more–
repair the broken barn window
put the lawn mower and riding mowers away
finish putting cardboard down under the flowering crab tree
pick up the cardboard that blew around the yard yesterday
get some more straw for the chickens
and do a final patrol to put overlooked items away, etc

Yikes! time to get moving!

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  1. Louise & Lee Says:

    I know what you mean. This morning after sausage & pancakes with real maple syrup, I went out and planted some bulbs under the maple out front. The top inch or so was frozen but was able to plant in about 6 holes worth of bulbs. It was quite cold, but without the wind it was nice to be outside doing something.

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