2008 Vegetable Garden List


Beets — Red Ace & *Touchstone Beets
Broccoli — Pine Tree All Season Mix
Brussels Sprouts — *Diablo
Bush beans green & yellow — *Carson wax, Grenoble green
Cabbage — Super Red 80 mini, *Napa
Carrots — Atomic Red & Mokum
Cauliflower — Snow Queen
Cucumbers — Diva, Homemade Pickles
Garlic — storage variety
Leeks — King Richard
Lettuce — lots
Melon — Prescott Fond Blanc didn’t get to it this year
Peppers banana, sweet Italian, bells — Carmen, Lipstick
Pole beans — Michael’s Saved Seed, Gold of Bacau
Potatoes — Rose Apple Finn, *Yukon Gold, *Laratte
Radish — Easter Egg, *Watermelon
Scallions –Deep Purple Bunching
Swiss chard — Bright Lights
Tomatoes — Sungold, Amish Paste, *Cosmonaut Volkov, Aunt Mary’s Paste,
Winter squash — Delicata
Summer Squash — Yellow Crookneck
Zucchini squash — Costata Romanesca


Basil — Sweet Genovese, Key Lime, Lemon
Dill — Mammoth
Parsley — Prezzemolo Gigante d’Italia

Companion flowers/Cutting Flowers

Calendula — Flashback
Nasturtium — Cherry,
Rudbeckia — Rustic Colors
Sunflower — Johnny’s Sampler
Zinnia — Cactus Flower Mix, State Fair Mix

*new this year

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