A new snowfall record for Caribou, Maine

Caribou, Maine celebrated the first day of spring by setting a new snowfall record overnight during a strong winter snowstorm. The National Weather Service reported the snowfall total at 183 inches as of last night with more snow and a blizzard warning today. For the divisionally challenged, 183 inches is 15+ feet of snow. The previous record of of 181.2 inches of snow was set in 1955.

As if this wasn’t enough, yesterday Caribou set a record for the amount of snow received in one day, 10.6 inches. This breaks the previous record of 9.5 inches set in 1971.

I used a photo from the live webcam at the Crown of Maine website. Click for updated photos of downtown Caribou. More webcam images of the Aroostook area are available through the weather site Wunderground.

While I enjoyed the few years I lived in Aroostook County, I don’t miss those winters at all –I’m happy with my zone 5 climate, thank-you. On the map, you’ll see Caribou in very far northern Maine. I used to live in Presque Isle, just a few miles south of Caribou. I now live about a 4 1/2 hour drive south of there, not too far from Brunswick.

Update 4/3: Caribou is now at 192 inches with more snow predicted over the weekend.

2 Responses to “A new snowfall record for Caribou, Maine”

  1. Twinville2 Says:

    Wow! I bet you ARE happy to not be that close to Caribou any longer!
    So when does the snow finally melt so the people up there can grow things and escape the confines of their homes?
    Just in time for the the Fall blizzards? haha

    It’s amazing that just moving 4 hours south can give you such a huge amount of snow relief.

    Here in the Central mountains of New Mexico, we can end up with a foot or more of snow, while those just over and below the mountains, in Albuquerque, don’t get any snow at all.

  2. henbogle Says:

    Yah, I’m so happy to be a full zone south. While we still have a lot of snow, it is melting quickly, spring is here, and soon, the ground will be bare of snow. Yee Haw!

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