Sunday Sundaes

It was a gorgeous day today, clear and sunny, perhaps a bit on the cool side with a bit of a chilly breeze. I took advantage of the weather to hang 2 loads of laundry on the line, our flannel sheets and a load of towels. Everything froze as I hung it out, but soon thawed in the sun, and the breeze softened the towels.

Later in the day, friends Bill, Karen and Antonio joined us for a trip to Goranson’s Farm and sugarhouse to enjoy Maine Maple Sunday, in the form of maple syrup sundaes. The festivities were held in one of the farm’s large greenhouses, and featured sundaes, maple scones, maple tea, coffee, maple sugar candy, and live music. Best of all was the chance to sit in the greenhouse baking in the warmth of the sun and enjoy chatting with our friends and other neighbors who stopped by.

It is amazing how warm the greenhouse was, it really stoked my longing for one of our own –on a slightly smaller scale. Unfortunately a greenhouse is not in the financial cards just now, but a smaller hoophouse large enough to stand in is mighty appealing, and Dan and I are thinking seriously about it. Karen really piqued Dan’s interest by suggesting how nice it would be to have a hammock in it.

A hoophouse would provide great shelter for the chooks over the winter, and give us a long season to grow salad greens and cold tolerant veggies, and get a jump on the season in the spring with tomatoes and heat lovers like melon. Keep posted, it may just happen.

I forgot my camera, but Bill kindly brought his camera and took photos; I’ll post some later when he shares the files.

6 Responses to “Sunday Sundaes”

  1. Meg Says:

    Sounds like a great time! You know Spring is on the way when you can hang out laundry. Those sheets are gonna smell gooood!

    I love the new blog design–it’s so nice and clean, and the lush, green photo at the top is a nice touch.

  2. henbogle Says:

    Yes, the sheets smelled wicked good, as we say in Maine, and felt wonderful, crisp yet flannel-fuzzy. I LOVE hanging the laundry out!

  3. El Says:

    Well, you know how I feel about a greenhouse (or hoophouse)! Glad you saw some signs of spring, too. Our neighbors are sugaring. Did you know you can sugar from almost any kind of maple tree? That’s, you know, a nice thought.

  4. Kate Says:

    Love the new blog!

    Hey, Unity is hosting a day-long gardening seminar in conjunction with MOFGA later this month. Hoop-houses and more are on the docket!

  5. henbogle Says:

    El, I too have heard that about other maples. I know the former owners used to tap our sugar maple, and we’ve talked about it, but haven’t tried it yet. Maybe someday….

    Katherine, oooh, I may have to attend that seminar, it is always fun to visit Unity, and I’d love to get some hands on training on hoophouses. I’ll have to check out the MOFGA website. Right now.

  6. Twinville2 Says:

    Mmmmmm! A Maple Festival with ALL things maple?? I would so love to go and enjoy a maple sundae, too! Take ME next time, ok? hehe

    I love the idea of a hoop house. I wonder how sturdy they are in the deep heavy wet snow falls, though?

    Your blog reminded me of the joys of fresh outdoor laundry. And I can’t wait to start hanging out my own laundry. After spending years in a subdivision where laundry lines were prohibited, I’m gonna party like it’s ‘laundry freedom time!

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