Welcome to Henbogle’s new digs, thanks for making the trip.

6 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. El Says:

    I think you’ll really like WordPress. Lots of features! Of course, you’ll have to learn those features…which, frankly, took me about forever.

  2. henbogle Says:

    Thanks, El. SO far, I’m really liking WordPress. Switching over was a breeze, and many things are easier, like creating my own banner from my own photo. Love that feature.

  3. Vin Says:

    Hello Ali,
    Curious what prompted the move? I added the link to the family blog.

  4. henbogle Says:


    WordPress has more features than Blogger. I was ready for a new look for the site, and here I was able to use a photo of the yard in the header. WordPress tracks visitor statistics for me, make editing posts easier, and pretty seamlessly imported all the old posts from Blogger.

    Thanks for updating the link!


  5. Robin Says:

    Your blog looks great!

    Until last night I’d been without a dependable WiFi signal for ten days. WordPress blogs loaded but blogspot timed out.

  6. henbogle Says:

    Thanks, Robin. I must say, your blog redesign was one of my inspirations! I’m glad to hear you’ve found WordPress to be dependable.

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