Spring advances

The Spring Winter Waltz continues. Despite two episodes of “solid” rain last week, and with unseasonably cool temps and sullen skies ruling the weekend, the snow is retreating, and I did manage to get some gardening done. As you can see in the backyard, most of the snow is gone in the front 2/3 of the yard, with the most snow back in the vegetable garden and chicken coop area.

The Silver Garden, along the foundation/driveway, was finally clear of snow and badly in need of a clean-up, and today was the day. The sedum is beginning to peek out of the soil, and I could see tiny leaves beginning to emerge on the silver mound and yarrow plants. I cut back dead plants and carefully raked leaves and debris out of the beds. Later in the afternoon, Dan wielded my nifty new garden vacuum while I gently raked the stray leaves into the path of the vacuum.

The vacuum makes quick work of cleaning the leaves out of the woody plants, and is amazingly quiet for a vacuum. See how tidy this bed looks now!

2 Responses to “Spring advances”

  1. El Says:

    Okay: I have to ask: is that extension cord in the bottom pic going to one of your cars? Or is it going to the garden vac? Because, of course, if it’s going to one of your cars you’ve got some winter to get through yet!

    warm thoughts sent your way either way!

  2. Ali Says:

    The extension cord is to the electric leaf blower/vac, BUT, many a Mainer has to plug their car in over the winter to ensure the car starts in the morning.

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