Wild turkey

Drinking my coffee, looking out the window into the yard yesterday morning, I spied this turkey lurking about. Why, I don’t know, but the turkey crossed the yard.  The turkey didn’t seem to notice the hens, whom I had let out earlier in the morning, and the hens didn’t seem to care about the turkey.


9 Responses to “Wild turkey”

  1. Meri Says:

    he he! cute

  2. O. Says:

    Why did the turkey cross the yard?

    (this set-up needs a punch line, and I”m SOL for humor today. . .)


  3. Ali Says:

    I know…. but I couldn’t develop a punch line either…. talk to you soon,

  4. Louise Says:

    They are so entertaining to watch. There’s a flock that roams the field near us about every day and they sometimes hang out in the back yard too. The toms have been busy displaying for the hens. As far as the chickens and the turkey not interested in each other, we’ve had deer go through the back yard with the 2 cats nearby & the deer ignore them. Hope you get to see them cross the yard more often, “to prove it wasn’t a chicken”. Hee Hee

  5. Mary Says:

    cute turkey – strangest bird I ever saw in my previous garden was a very large, very beautiful peacock – it climed/flew up on top of the greenhouse (glasshouse) and just sat there for a while. We found out later he lived in the garden of a big house about a quarter of a mile away – he never came back! I see you are getting on well with your raised beds – good luck with your planting, Mary, UK

  6. Ali Says:

    Oooh, Louise, you landed a punch line! Good one!

  7. SugarCampNY Says:

    Didn”t know there were turkeys in your immediate area. She had better watch out or she will be somebodies dinner.

  8. O. Says:

    Why did the wild turkey cross the yard?

    so it could rest on the rocks. . .

    I’ll keep working on it. . . . :)


  9. Ali Says:

    Ba dum dum.

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