Peepers are peeping

Last night, we heard the peepers for the first time this spring. To paraphrase E.B. White, I feel a whole lot better when I hear the frogs.


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  1. Kathryn Says:

    Wow!!! You have peepers already? I can’t believe how far ahead you are. Here in the Dixmont Hills, the ponds are still frozen over (and so, too, the frogs). Enjoy them.

  2. Louise Says:

    That’s exciting news! We heard our first peepers about 2 weeks ago here in Dutchess Co , NY. Yesterday, we had a large flock of Cedar Waxwings hang out for the day. They had a grand time bathing in the spring fed stream near the house. I’m waiting to hear & see the Warblers. The birds in general are doing some serious pairing right now. Yesterday’s high temp was 80 degrees!! Today we’re at 48 degrees. Ahh, the signs of spring transition, & hail to the peepers!

  3. Ali Says:

    We have a small vernal pool just beyond the end of our lot, between us and the town garage. I actually worry about the peepers, as I’m sure that pool gets a lot of runoff from the garage, but thus far, the peepers appear to be surviving ok, although my biologist friend tells me that many amphibians will become extinct within my lifetime –thus my happiness at hearing them every spring.

  4. Ali Says:

    ps. Louise, don’t report on 80° weather until it breaks 60° here, or I might have to move in with you!

  5. Louise Says:

    OK, that’s a deal, you may need to jump in the car today, I heard it’s going to at least 78 !!!

  6. Kathy Says:

    I heard the peepers for the first time on April 12th. That’s early. Our frozen swamp takes a bit of time to thaw at 2,300 ft elevation. That is the sound I want to hear most in all the world. I’m content.

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