Sunday in the garden

I awoke early this morning, and caught a glimpse of blue sky. I tried to snuggle up to Dan and go back to sleep, but the blue sky was calling me, so I got up at about 6:15. I let the girls out, then started 2 loaves of sourdough bread. A new restaurant has opened in town, a breakfast place, so Dan and I walked down to meet Karen and Bill for breakfast. We arrived and saw friends Bill and Michelle, just finishing their breakfast. We had a nice visit and a delicious breakfast, then headed home for a big day in the garden.

Although the forecast was calling for showers, the sun was out all morning. In the first raised bed, I planted more salad greens: rainbow lights chard, arugula, a red and a green butterhead lettuce, Black Seeded Simpson lettuce, and red oakleaf lettuce. Bed #1 is now full, so I prepped bed #2 –in a week, I’ll plant more salad greens.

Due to the heavy snows, we had a lot of winter damage this year, many of my younger shrubs have broken branches. I sharpened up my pruners and tackled some of the shrubs, like the poor Ruby Spice Clethra (planted last year) pictured, but I have many more to go. Next Saturday my friend Bill, a former arborist, is going to come and help do some major pruning on our flowering crab and pear trees, so I’ll be in pruning mode all weekend, I hope I’ll be able to finish the rest then.

The final tasks of the day were to rake the perennial beds and clean up the accumulated sunflower seeds from under the bird feeders. We made the mistake of putting a couple of the feeders in the perennial beds, and now that things are beginning to emerge, we needed to get the hulls cleaned up.

Dan gave the task a whirl with my new garden vacuum, and it worked great! It took a while, but we collected well over two 50lb. seed bags full of hulls and partially sprouting sunflowers. If we put the feeders in the gardens next year, we will be sure to put large pieces of cardboard under the feeders to collect the hulls.

Dan and I are both feeling the garden ache tonight, and my damn plantar fasciitis is thumping in my heel, but it is worth every ache and pain to be back outside gardening again.


4 Responses to “Sunday in the garden”

  1. nature hills nursery Says:

    Busy day, but I’m sure rewarding! Sounds like the birds in the neighborhood were eating well this winter. I can’t imagine a garden or back yard without birds.

  2. farmgirl_dk Says:

    Ok, so here are my thoughts on the sunflower hulls/seeds. You can then tell me why this won’t work, as I’ve never tried it before and was planning to this year. It seems that the hulls, ultimately, will make a very nice mulch in the perennial beds and the sprouting seeds, won’t those make lovely sunflowers come summer? I have a girlfriend who had birds and squirrels deposit seeds all over her backyard and she just let them grow – they were the prettiest things when they bloomed in the summer and i felt like such a dork for having always picked mine the minute they sprouted.

    Your garden looks great! I got to spend a bit of time in my wee plot and got my deer fencing up (we’ll see how well it works). It will be fun to see more of your pictures!

  3. Ali Says:

    D- I’ve read in numerous places that sunflower shells do not make good mulch, that they contain some compound that isn’t good for other plants. When we took the hulls to the town’s compost facility and dumped them out, many many many had begun to sprout in the middle of the bag, it was funny.

    I did let a few of the sunflowers grow to adulthood last year, that was fun and I may do it again, as I love sunflowers.

    Good job on the deer fencing. We have not had that problem yet, but I expect to someday, as the deer are all over my town. I will look forward to seeing some photos of your gardens –you have a lot going on out there!

  4. Kathryn Says:

    Congrats on all the planting! I love reading about other people’s veggies: it’s so much fun to see what they pick!

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