Hens working

I turned over part of the vegetable garden today with the broadfork, to begin working the horse manure into the soil. The hens were very interested in the process, as they knew there would be worms. Then I came up with a brilliant strategy, chickens=rototillers, and voila. Hens got worms, I got first class scratching of the manure into the soil. Thanks, girls.


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  1. Margaret Says:


  2. Meg Says:

    That’s right, make them work! I love how they’re all knee-deep in that dirt. Whatever you plant there is going to go crazy.

    Have you put horse manure on the garden before? I’ve heard that it could have weed seed issues, or that it could be chemical-y if the horses had recently been de-wormed, or something like that. What’s your take? We live across the street from a little horse riding school, and I’m sure we could get our hands on some manure from them.

    I always get a little thrown by how much your chickens look like ours. They’re some good looking birds!

  3. Ali Says:

    Meg, I had never heard that about the de-worming medication! As for weeds, yes, it can be weedy, but we mulch religiously and plant so closely it hasn’t been too much of a problem, and it is very humusy, which is great for our heavy soil. This particular batch comes from a woman Dan work’s with, so we got the extra special blend, so to speak, long-composted shavings free. I’ll have to ask our source about the de-worming, though.

    You should look into making a hot box, though, a sort of cold frame but heated with fresh horse manure down below the planting level.

  4. Farmgirl_dk Says:

    And, you got some bonus chicken poop mixed in to boot. Very clever!! :-)

  5. Twinville2 Says:

    Chickens are so useful! The best pets to have around.

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