Yankee Pantry my recipe blog debuts

To make it easier to find and retrieve my recipes, I started a new blog simply for recipes, Yankee Pantry. I’ve imported the recipes I posted here at Henbogle, and will try in the future to post the recipes directly on Yankee Pantry, linking from Henbogle if that is appropriate. Enjoy!


4 Responses to “Yankee Pantry my recipe blog debuts”

  1. CherylF Says:

    I wanted to look at the new site, but it asks for username and password. :-(

  2. proftheory Says:

    I get redirected to my profile instead of getting to view the blog. Is it going to be open?

  3. Ali Says:

    Ooops! Sorry, everyone, I forgot to make it public! You should be all set now.

  4. ProfTheory Says:

    It’s working now.

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