It’s sprinkling

At 10:30, we are getting a light shower, yay.

We saw Iris get into the garden while we ate dinner on the deck. She flew up to the fence, settled precariously on the wobbly wire, then flew down into the garden. Uh oh. We have some old campaign sign frames, so Dan wove them into the wire fencing to raise the height, and I added some old lathe woven through to make it more visible and intimidating. As El said yesterday, that booger!

This afternoon we made another trip to a nursery, Longfellows in Manchester, and did some other errands. After adding two large new perennial beds last year, one by the deck, and the holly bed, by the old deck, I am planning on expending most of my gardening energy and budget on the vegetable garden this year, but I do have two other small projects. One is to plant a lilac hedge along the eastern property line, and the second is to expand the front perennial beds.

The ultimate goal in the front yard is to be rid of the front lawn altogether, leaving merely garden with a path to the oil tank filler pipe and the electric meter (the path is seen in the left photo, looking toward the drive and front entry to the right).

This year we will expand the shady area of the garden primarily by dividing some existing hosta plants, and with three new plants I purchased today. A small-medium sized blue hosta, Mouse Ears; a large blue-green with creamy-gold center hosta, Great Expectations; and the Sum of It All, a mammoth green and gold hosta. When I first started gardening, I did not see the magic in hostas, but I have come to love them for their beautiful form, leaf shape, color, and texture. We will add to the hostas by the front entry (left) and divide the hostas in that bed to share the joy elsewhere. I’m really looking forward to seeing these three new hostas as the front lawn disappears!


3 Responses to “It’s sprinkling”

  1. margo72 Says:

    Hostas are great. And amazingly, they survived for me for years in a container -until I lived in the Newton House. Then, I guess they decided they didn’t like the house. Or something. Still, those beds look lovely and green. I have yard envy looking at your photos! Are you sure you’re NORTH of me?! *sigh*

  2. Twinville2 Says:

    Oh! Everything is so green and lush looking, so unlike what we have here in New Mexico. It must be glorious to grow so many green, flourishing plants so easily.

  3. Ali Says:

    Margo, we are zone 5, but having amazing spring weather. The hosta photos, however, are from last year. Sorry to mislead! The hostas are just emerging here, lilacs are just greening up as is the flowering crab.

    Lisa — I love the green, but you remember Maine. We pay for it every winter! NM is beautiful in its own way, though.


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