Too hot

I washed then hung my flannel sheets out to dry (nights are still cool enough to need them with the furnace turned off) and the sheets were dry in an hour. I can’t believe I am saying this, but it is too hot to be in the garden.

At 2:20 p.m., it is 82°F. Yesterday, too hot to wear long sleeves, instead I sunburned my arms raking the lawn. The lawn looks good free of winter detritus and tree pruning debris, but it is a might dry looking. Right now the forecast calls for rain this weekend, and we need it. Perennials are well on their way, but a bit of moisture will cause a veritable explosion of growth. The tulips are well up, but have yet to bloom, while in other spots of the garden the daffodills are gloriously blooming. Yarrow, monarda, hyssop, Jupiter’s beard, rudbeckia and mountain bluet are all up, shasta daisy is looking thirsty, as are the coreopsis and various thyme plants.


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  1. Farmgirl_dk Says:

    Wow. Would that I had your problem. I’m so tired of freezing toes and long underwear.

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