Well, at least the lawn needs it

We’ve had a cold and drizzly weekend here at Henbogle. At least the rain is good for greening things up and germinating grass seed, and at less than 1/2 inch, isn’t leading to flooding problems. Wednesday, we overseeded the lawn for the first time ever. Yep, going on 7 years and we’ve done pretty much nothing to “green up” our lawn. The Scott’s ads have been lost on us, me especially —as I’ve said before I resent being a slave to the lawn, and am slowly getting rid of it. At least it is easier to maintain since mom & dad gave us their lawn tractor –thanks again!

When he got home from school, Dan scarified the lawn with his new lawn tractor toy, a scarifier/seeder. It is basically a tow-behind hopper designed to scratch the surface of the ground to prepare it for grass seed. It looks vaguely like some sort of medieval torture device (or perhaps gets more modern use in some military circles?). The ground was still soft enough from last weekend’s rain for the device to work pretty well. As you can see in the photo, the lawn looks pretty bad (apparently, plantain greens up later than grass, and that comprises 75% of the lawn).

We used a lot of seed, and now this rain is I hope going to help all that seed turn into grass. Not that I LIKE lawn, mind you, but it is a more affordable option than wide flagstone paths I covet, and it does provide a nice contrast to flower beds. And I almost forgot, grass clippings are great in the compost.

So while I had a long to-do list in the garden this weekend, instead I’m trapped inside, as it is too damn miserable outside –yesterday’s high temperature was 48°F, brrr. Even inside it was only 61°F this morning when I came downstairs (the woodstove solves that problem, though). I might have to fold laundry today after all.


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  1. candyadderley Says:

    Good luck with the seeds! You should come and have a look at my garden – the last year the lawn looked so horrible and dry that I begged my husband to rip the whole thing up – now this year because spring has come so late in England, Im wondering if Im going to have a beautiful lawn by the time the good BBQ weather sets in.
    I do admire your patience and persistance in using seeds instead of going straight to turf though….and I hope it was all worth it in the end.

  2. Twinville2 Says:

    Ok I am SO conveting your beautiful grass that grows without too much effort in your area…..

    Here in New Mexico, grass is a very rare luxury….

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