Spectacular spring

Scenes from the garden.

I love the pink and chartreuse combination here against the yellow of the house. All a happy accident, no planning involved on my part.

Pear blossoms.

The male oriole, enjoying the oranges.

The deck perennial bed, coming along nicely in the second year
of establishment.

The flowering crab tree, approaching peak.

Soon, there will be salad.

6 Responses to “Spectacular spring”

  1. Farmgirl_dk Says:

    Beautiful! Have I ever told you how pretty your house is? It looks so warm and inviting. And your gardens (flower and vegetable) are looking wonderful…
    By the way…Egad (!!) on the blackfly post. How’s your facial swelling? ;-)

  2. Twinville2 Says:

    Truly a spectacular flowery home you have there. Your home and gardens remind me of something you’d see on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens. Lovely!

  3. Kathryn Says:

    Don’t you just love blooming season? All that color–it’s worth the wait! Is the tree in that first picture a red bud? I love the color.

  4. Ali Says:

    Kathryn, the tree in the front is an unknown variety of flowering crab. It is a gorgeous shade, and blooms like crazy every spring, but unfortunately is still suffering from the replacement of the water line a few years before we bought the house. It looks great every spring and by August looks to be on deaths door. It is also a little big for the space.

    I hope someday we can find a smaller tree with the same bloom time and color!

  5. Ali Says:

    And yes, I love bloom season! We have lots of flowering crabs in the yard, and this week is spectacularly gorgeous.

  6. Margo Says:

    Wait, wait, Orioles eat oranges?! I’m so confused!!!
    Your house and blooms are *gorgeous* –
    …I was just so gobsmacked at the sight of the Baltimore Oriole picking at oranges. Whaaa?

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