Lilac time

The old fashioned lilacs are at peak bloom right now (as are the flowering crab trees). I have 2 big bouquets of lilacs in the house. They smell so good you don’t even notice the dog hair.


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  1. Kim Says:

    One of my favorite times of the year is lilac time! These are gorgeous.

    I am envious of your lilacs – no matter what we do, we have too much shade to make them bloom here. Some trees are coming down this summer, I tell ya!

  2. Farmgirl_dk Says:

    Oh…you have some in every hue, don’t you? They’re gorgeous. Lilacs are one of my very favorite flowering trees (shrubs?). I wish they lasted longer as a cut flower, though…mine always seem to wilt pretty quickly after I put them in a vase.

  3. SugarCampNY Says:

    Farm girl, Try smashing the end of the stems with a hammer next time you want to put some in a vase. This way they can take in the water they need more readily. Mom

  4. Twinville2 Says:


  5. Kathryn Says:

    Isn’t it just wonderful?!?! We have several 100-old bushes across the street from our house. Yesterday, I came home with armloads of blossoms. They’re in every room of our house in all their gawdy, fragrant splendor. Allergies be damned, I will enjoy the fragrance every minute. Bring on the Claritin!

  6. Barb Says:

    Wow, so beautiful. My mom always talks about lilacs, but I had only seen some recently. They never grew well here, but new varieties are now available for southern California. It’s on my ‘gimme’ list.
    (P.S.: life is that much sweeter with dog hair around)

  7. Ali Says:

    Oooh, Kathryn, bummer to be allergic to lilacs. Claritin to the rescue! Barb, I wish I could provide a scent sample for you, it is my favorite scent in the world. Sweet, perfumy, but not cloying or heavy. Just right. And soon gone. I cut more again today, but they are clearly at peak and beginning to fade. Kim, should I send Bill over ;-) I’m a big advocate of clearing some trees to make room for lilacs!

  8. Shala Says:

    Those are beautiful! Love the comment about the dog hair, if that is really the case I need some Lilacs.

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