Report from the garden

It was a glorious, if a bit buggy, sunny weekend at Henbogle, perfect for working in the vegetable garden (housework can wait ’till it rains). This weekend I:

  • transplanted more spinach and lettuce seedlings into raised bed #2
  • transplanted 8 tomato plants into red plastic tomato mulched bed
  • weeded raised bed #1 and thinned the radishes
  • sowed zucchini and yellow crookneck squash and transplanted calendula and marigold flowers next to the squashes
  • put down black plastic mulch and sowed cucumber seeds behind the brassicas next to the fence
  • transplanted more parsley seedlings
  • set up the hoops and row cover for the brassicas
  • sowed sunflower seeds behind the potatoes
  • planted garlic bulbs we swapped for dog hair
  • mulched all the transplants, added more mulch to onions, leeks and parsley
  • and puttered about in the garden.

Sunday the amazing Bill cut down a popular we’d allowed to grow too large, and which was shading the vegetable garden. Bill is so skilled that despite the tricky breeze that had sprung up, he set the tree down just where he wanted it –precisely between the elderberry and the garden fence. We have several more small populars to go; we may just girdle the trees and allow them to die and remain standing to provide bird habitat, but we haven’t made any decisions yet.

I still have (more) tomatoes, peppers, and lots of seeds to plant, but we are debating about when to put up the conduit hoop house we are planning next to the raised beds. We hope to put tomato and pepper seedlings in there for the summer, then in the fall transition to salad greens, etc. It will be a big experiment!


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  1. O Says:

    I guess the dog is good for something–parts of him can be traded for baby garlics!


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