A sad weekend

Saturday, we said goodbye to Fisher, our Golden Retriever and companion for the last 7 years. Fisher had developed canine diabetes and several other ailments caused by the diabetes, so we elected to euthanize him before he began suffering

Fisher joined the family in October 2001, through a colleague who was a volunteer working with a Golden Retriever rescue organization. He hadn’t been too abused at his former home, although he didn’t like women and he was very fearful of hand-held objects such as brooms or vacuum wands.

We had high hopes that he would be a groundhog deterrent, but alas, as I wrote here, Fishy was not much for chasing groundhogs. He was, however, an excellent lion-retriever, as you can see here and here, and had advanced training in skunking, as I wrote about here.

Fisher’s real claim to fame lies in his tolerance of the local titmice collecting fur from him for their nests. Fisher was even discussed on the radio on an Irish nature program, prompting many visits to Henbogle blog from Ireland.

I didn’t realize how empty the house would feel without him. Farewell, Fishy, I hope you find lots of pea shoots and other doggie delights to nibble on in your next trip on the wheel.

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  1. Robin Says:

    Oh Ali! I’m sorry!

    I have great respect for folks who will go to the lengths it takes to keep their pets from suffering. I know it was a hard decision.

  2. Kelly (fhf) Says:

    Damn that’s sad. I’m sending hugs your way.

  3. Katie Says:

    A dog’s only fault is that they don’t live as long as us. I’m sorry about Fisher.

  4. Kim Says:

    Ali, I’m so sorry. My heart goes out to you – it’s in the little things like not needing to fill a water dish or let them out one more time before bed.

    I LOVE the photos of Fisher and the titmouse, too, they’ve made the rounds in our family.

    Hang in there…

  5. El Says:

    Poor buddy! Poor you. I know how hard losing a pet can be, and it’s just what you say: the lack of toenails on the ground, strangely empty rooms…I hope for quick healing for the two of you.

  6. Vin Says:

    That reminds me of this book Rescuing Sprite

  7. Carlita Says:

    So sorry to hear about Fisher!

  8. Tracy Says:

    Oh, Ali, I’m so sorry. I know how hard it is to lose a beloved pet. I know I still can’t read the post I wrote about losing Dexter in Spring, 2007, without crying buckets. I hope that you and Dan remember all the good things you did for Fisher and what a great life he was able to lead. I’m sure it was an incredibly hard decision, but you did the right thing. My thoughts are with you.

  9. michelle Says:

    I’m so sorry and thinking of you today.

  10. Jim Says:

    So sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine how hard it is to lose a pet. Dogs have the same capacity to create space in your life, as people do. In many ways, their unconditional love makes losing them even harder, I think, as I’ve not lost a dog. Our Sheltie, Bernie is now 13, however, and slowing down, so I know the day will come for us.

  11. sjones71 Says:

    What a nice tribute to your friend. It sounds like you’ve got some great memories and that your life is better for having known him. Here’s to dogs everywhere!

  12. Michelle & Bill Says:

    Fisher was a delightful walking companion and birdseed scarfer! We will miss him so much! You gave him a great life, and I bet now he’s running free finding yummy things in the trash…with no side effects. We know how much it hurts to feel the silence and empty places in the house. We wish you peace in the knowledge that he won the lottery when you took him in!

  13. meredith Says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. Losing a pet is an awful thing. How nice though that you were able to make the last 7 years good ones. That makes me sad about the woman/vacuum wand issue. I do remember your posts showing the birds pulling tufts of hair from him. That made me laugh. Bold little birds. I hope you heal quickly and maybe can find room in your hearts for another 4-legger in need.

  14. Nancy Bond Says:

    It’s always so difficult to say farewell to a beloved pet, but saving him from suffering is the ultimate gift of love.

  15. Sue (coffeepot) Says:

    So sorry. We have lost 3 dogs so far and have a pet cemetery behind our home. It is so hard when you loose them because they are part of your family.

  16. Ali Says:

    Thanks to all for the condolences and well wishes. It is always nice to know there is a community of people sending me their positive vibes.

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