June garden update

Wow, thus far, June has been an emotional roller-coaster ride. I’m still grieving over Fishy –I miss him even more than I thought I would. I’ve added a page of photos, Fishy the lion maned. Of course I am very happy that Kyle has graduated from high school. Three cheers for Kyle! Since I don’t have much else to say right now, I’ll let the garden speak for itself. Some needed rain (about an inch so far this week) has really made the garden pop.

This gorgeous deep purple lilac had the best blooms I’ve seen on it since we claimed ownership. Is it because we built the compost bins at its feet?

The deck bed is coming along beautifully. The wooly thyme, catmint, mountain bluet, and flax flower are blooming now, with buds plumping on the peonies, Jupiter’s beard, and lady’s mantle.

The sculpture bed is coming along. The weigela is blooming, and the seedling weigela behind it looks like it will bloom for the first time this year. The Purple Sensation alliums are still going strong. We found the sculpture at a discount store and thought it would be fun. I want to paint it though — the polka dots don’t do much for me, although I really like the form.

The Cascade hops are growing vigorously, climbing up the fencing trellis. We hope the hops will climb right over the top of the swing this year, providing a shady swing for hot summer days. Now we just need to build the 2-seater swing to hang.

So far, handpicking the evil red lily beetle has kept them under control.

Things in the vegetable garden are coming along. The potatoes, Yukon Gold, Rose Finn Apple, and Laratte are all up and will need hilling soon (actually, we plant them in holes and the re-fill the holes as they grow).

Two of the four hills of Diva cukes have sprouted. They are behind the row-covered brassicas, we’ll train them up the fence. The cardboard is slipped under the wire fence as a weed-control attempt.

Leeks are thriving along with some butterhead lettuce, also behind the brassicas. Clearly we need the cardboard treatment there.

Onions and more butterhead lettuce. At the back are some daffodils I’ve been meaning to move since we arrived. This fall I’ll get to it I hope. In the far corner of the fence will be some Costata Romanesca zucchini surrounded by calendula and marigolds to discourage the squash bugs.

The parsley is coming along. The big plant is lovage. I’ve found a buttermilk salad dressing recipe that I love that used lots of minced parsley and celery leaves. I hope the lovage leaves will work as a replacement for the celery leaves.

Suddenly, I’m awash in lettuce and greens…

with more to come!

Tomatoes in the ground…

tomatoes (and some herbs) waiting to go in the ground….

And the weeds are preparing to take up arms. Fortunately, the weekend approaches.


6 Responses to “June garden update”

  1. Sue (coffeepot) Says:

    Your garden photos are awesome!

    It is funny but my lilac didn’t do much this year but just a couple week agao I started a compost heap at it’s feet.

    I have not convinced hubby to build a bin yet so either I will have to do it or just keep a heap.

    I hope it helps my lilac like yours!

  2. Daphne Gould Says:

    Those lettuce look lovely.

  3. Tracy Says:

    Wow – everything looks great! Would you believe I still don’t have cucumbers, beans and squash planted?!? It’s been so cool and rainy here that it still doesn’t seem like summer.

    I’m especially impressed with your deck garden – that turned out beautifully!

  4. sugarcampny Says:

    Everything looks super! I`ve got to get some allium. I just don`t know where I`ll put it. A word about ladies mantle. I planted some two or three years ago and realize now it needs to be divided, getting much too big. A job for September. We got a wonderful 3/4 of an inch of rain last night.

  5. Ed Bruske Says:

    Lovely garden. Yes, lovage works very well as a replacement for celery. I like what you did with the potatoes. I have many planted in a fairly small area, and this sounds like a good technique to get the “hilling” effect.

  6. Farmgirl_dk Says:

    Aw, Ali…I’m soooo sorry about Fishy. Those pictures were amazing….what a cool dog. We lost our beloved “Spooky” (a flat-coated retriever) after 11 years only 3 years ago and we thought our hearts would stop beating from the pain. So entrenched was he in our lives, and such a huge part of our family, it was physically and emotionally devastating to lose him. I’m sending you an electronic hug right now…so sorry.

    Your garden pictures are wonderful…and that cute little garden house just makes me smile. It’s adorable.

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