Old friends reunited

It was another busy weekend here at Henbogle. Friday my friend Holly arrived for a weekend visit, and on Saturday I hosted a reunion of some of my former colleagues who served as AmeriCorps VISTAs with a program that I ran. Carla, Penny and Dawn were all VISTA members on various campuses in Maine, working to promote community service and service-learning on their campuses. Penny now works with people struggling to gain assistance with the legal system, Carla manages a non-profit meals for seniors program and is planning on graduate school for an MBA soon, and Dawn is working with a study abroad program in Australia, where she married to an Aussie and is currently growing a next generation VISTA

Many of our colleagues wanted to attend but could not make it from their far-flung locales, but I know they were there in spirit (oh, and Penny and Carla, Joe called later that evening and he says hello!).

It was super to see everyone, I hope we do it again before Dawn junior goes off to college!


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  1. Twinville2 Says:

    What beautiful happy smiling faces. It’s so wonderful when friendships are so strong and vital for so long.
    I’m glad you had such a wonderful visit.

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