Zinnias (or this is why I’m a packrat)

Last year in the vegetable garden I reserved a patch for cutting flowers. I LOVED having the cutting flowers available to cut for myself, for friends, as a gift for the hostess, etc. That it attracts pollinators is icing on the cake. I planted a mix of flowers but my favorites were the zinnias, so that’s what I planted again this year –State Fair mix and Giant Cactus Flowered mix.

I planted them in the same spot (bad I know), the center row in the u-shaped veggie garden. After overcrowded conditions last year, I was better about spacing them this year, 1 plant per square foot. I marked the square foot grid using a milk crate, and prepared to plant. Looking at the weeds, though, I decided I wanted to be able to mulch immediately and NOT have to weed through the young plants. Ding, I had an idea.

Rummaging about the shed, barn and garden shed, I scrounged up some quart sized yogurt containers. I knew they would be useful!! I stuck those in the ground centered in each square foot. Then I sprinkled slug-be-gone generously about, and mulched around the yogurt containers with straw. I could only do half the bed at a time, so I moved the containers and repeated. Then, using a piece of pvc pipe, I planted zinnia seeds in the center of each space left by the yogurt containers. I watered, the gave the bed a final sprinkle of slug-be-gone and I was done. A thick layer of straw will keep the bed moist and the weeds at bay. I hope.


5 Responses to “Zinnias (or this is why I’m a packrat)”

  1. sugarcampny Says:

    Very clever solution, I thought. You probably remember zinnias are also a favorite of mine. Alas, I do not have any this year. I`ll look forward to seeing yours in bloom.

  2. Nancy Bond Says:

    I hope you will soon have lots of colorful zinnias — one of my favorites as well.

  3. sjones71 Says:

    What a cool idea as usual!

    I’m playing blog tag and have tagged you if you are interested.

  4. Kathryn and Ari Says:

    I just love zinnias: they’re such happy flowers. Is it just me, or are the slugs out of control this year? Ari and I went for a run Saturday morning, and even the street was covered with them.

  5. Ali Says:

    Zinnias are happy like a carnival, with fried dough! I can hardly wait. As for slugs,eeeew. I remorselessly crush the lily beetles, the potato bugs in bare hands, but I cannot bear the slimy gross slug. Fortunately, the chickens now eat them, yay chickens!!

    Tagged, eh, I’ll have to play tomorrow, tonight I’m ready to hit the hay.

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