Today I hilled for the third time, and mulched the potatoes with straw. I’m growing three varieties, Laratte and Rose Finn Apple fingerlings, and Yukon Golds general purpose potatoes. The plants look full and healthy although today I noticed some insect damage and insects, probably potato beetles but they look more like striped cucumber beetles. I need to look them up. I also saw a funky looking manta ray shaped bug, and some lovely ladybugs scarfing down (I hope) the beetle eggs.

No photos because I could not get my camera to focus on the bug. That is a very frustrating issue I have with my camera, which otherwise I love. I need to learn how to successfully use the macro feature.

While mulching with the straw I also weeded along the fence and transplanted a few sunflower seedlings. I don’t know if they will take but we’ll see. I watered them in and then mulched right along the fence line with straw. It won’t slow down the creeping charlie but it will slow everything else. After mulching, I made up some Neptune’s harvest Fish Fertilizer and foliar fed the potatoes. I read somewhere a few years ago that a fish emulsion foliar feed would discourage the bugs, and it does seem to help. Of course, as soon as I’d finished foliar feeding the sun came out, but oh well, it isn’t a strong sunshine so maybe it won’t burn. Sigh. Once that was done, in for lunch and blogging.


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