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Firewood wedged against the fenceI may not have a congressional act backing me up, but I’m not going down without a fight. On Monday, after discovering the carnage wrought by the evil beast, I sprang into action. We have several rolls of low wire fencing (purchased at various tag sales) designed to be held in place by sinking into the ground. I dragged a couple of rolls out, and ran 1 roll along the garden fence on the inside, and the second roll along the chicken yard fence where the hogs had burrowed under the fence. I reinforced my efforts along the garden fence with chunks of firewood. I placed firewood at the garden gates, too.

Tuesday I had to go into the office to finish up a few details. I checked the garden in the morning and all looked ok. When I returned home, I could see the groundhog had been back, digging unsuccessfully in the same spot and right next door. To further secure the perimeter, I drove stakes against the wood, holding it tight against the fence.

On Wednesday, I spent the early morning in the garden and was surprised to see Mrs. Hogdemort and junior hog inside the chicken yard. Again she had dug under the chicken yard fence, under the low wire reinforcement fence. Arghhh.

I don’t think it will be possible to keep the ‘hog out of the chicken yard, so I’ll have to concentrate my efforts on the garden. Luckily, Dan came home about 2 weeks ago with two rolls of welded wire fencing, posts and all, he’d found set out by the road with a free sign. I think we’ll set thi up for this summer, hoping the layers of fencing will keep the ‘hog out. The longer term strategy will be to reinforce the existing with chicken wire buried along the outside perimeter. Ugh.

Thanks to all of you who left words of support and strategies for groundhog elimination.  I’ll keep you all posted on my progress.


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  1. proftheory Says:

    I’m thinking that you may need to dig a 6″+ trench around the garden and bury some good stainless steel fencing. Hopefully that will discourage them from digging under the fence.

    You may not have an act of congress backing you, but the Supreme Court will back you in buying a gun to shoot it. Though the state of Maine may not like your discharging it so close to the house or the neighbors yard.

  2. Ali Says:

    Before I get my gun I probably should take some shooting lessons, since my hand eye coordination doesn’t lend me any confidence that I could hit the damn rodent.

  3. Twinville2 Says:

    Oh no!!! That is so frustrating! Hope you can kill the bugger soon.

  4. なかしま あきのぶ Says:

    A dog (Border collie) protects a cock from a weasel and a fox in my garden. It is all right without a fence.

  5. なかしま あきのぶ Says:

    I watched the cock which had hair to a head for the first time.

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