27 half-pints

and 2 batches of strawberry ice cream done.

I made three batches of jam, one with crushed strawberries, one “deluxe” version with more whole strawberries, and one batch of strawberry raspberrry jam. Sampling indicated all were of high quality.

The ice cream is my favorite recipe (find it here) but for both batches I used light cream and a dribble of balsamic vinegar. This recipe calls for the berries to be pureed, which I like as you avoid giant hinks of rock hard frozen strawberry. I do leave it a little chunky for the texture, but the original recipe called for it to be sieved, leaving a very smooth ice cream. I also added a dash of blackberry cordial to the second batch–supposedly the alcohol prevents the ice cream from becomming overly hard in the freezer. I have not churned the second batch yet, it is in the fridge cooling and waiting for the bowl to refreeze solid.

I’m glad I made the jam this morning, the day got hotter and steamier as it progressed, until we had a thundershower at a little after 3 pm. The weekend forecast is calling for showers again, and overcast skies, sigh. I hope it clears up next week and we get some hot dry weather for more berry picking.


9 Responses to “27 half-pints”

  1. Meg Says:

    Wow, that’s out of your 12 pounds of berries? It looks delicious!

  2. Twinville2 Says:

    Excuse me while I wipe the drool off of my chin.


  3. Kathryn and Ari Says:

    Good for you! Are the berries early this year, or am I late?

    I’m hoping to pick at Sandhill Farms over in Palermo this week: MOFGA certified and one of the prettiest farms I’ve seen. I love it: people start lining up 30 minutes before the farm opens each morning, and then they sprint across the field to claim a row for themselves. It’s just about a contact sport!!

    I’m glad your ice cream maker has continued to be a good purchase. I thought of your when I put a pint of Giffords in my shopping cart: it would be much more fun to make it from scratch!

  4. Nancy Bond Says:

    Wow! I’m so impressed. I like to make homemade jams and jellies for gift baskets — it’s what I try to give all those folk who need nothing/have everything. Always well received. Isn’t it a pleasure to just stand back and look at all those lovely bottles? A job well done!

  5. weekend farmer Says:

    amazing! i am forwarding to mrs.weekendfarmer. i am terribe at making anything that delicate. great job – you wont have to buy any jam for a while!

  6. don Says:

    I am going to pick strawberries tomorrow and make some jam! THere is nothing like fresh strawberry jam!

    I am thinking about doing freezer jam. Did you do that or did you make cooked jam? Either way, it’s great!

  7. Ali Says:

    Twinville-watch out for drool in the keyboard ;-)

    K&A, It seems to me that they are early, but when I looked, it was this time last year, too. I think it seems early to me because Dan didn’t get out of school ’till June 23! The berries were good if a little small.

    Nancy, much of this will be gifts, although I’ll be sure to keep some for us! I love receiving gifts like homemade jam, and enjoy giving it, too!

    Farmer, I’m sure Mrs. Farmer can handle jam, but really, so can you — it is not difficult, merely requires you follow a process accurately.

    Don, I love freezer jam, but for me it is a space issue, so I made cooked jam. I have a smallish freezer and it is usually packed with berries, garden veggies, and local meat, so no room for jam. Have fun picking and jamming!


  8. Matron Says:

    That’s two blogs in 5 minutes showing other people making strawberry jam. It’s a subliminal message…. I must go and make some.

  9. Gail Says:

    Wow! If I may borrow that from an earlier commenter…Impressive works, too and I am guessing I could add, delicious and yummy.


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