The five most delicious cherries in the world…

were on my cv. Stella sweet cherry tree. I just ate them, one by one, as Dan, who doesn’t like cherries (?what’s up with that?!) picked them and handed them to me. No photos, no video, just the sweet memory. Bliss. Maybe next year I’ll have more cherries to eat.

Of course, the sour cherry tree died after developing a huge, ugly crack in the trunk, and the trunk of the Stella cherry looks a little suspect, but I’m hoping.


5 Responses to “The five most delicious cherries in the world…”

  1. sugarcampny Says:

    I`m with you ,Ali. Nothing like a good juicy cherry. Must be genetic. Dad doesn`t like them either.

  2. coffeepot Says:

    I have tried 3 trees and each one has died. I so wish I could grow a cherry tree.

  3. Farmgirl_dk Says:

    Ha, ha, ha…my husband doesn’t like cherries either. One of the things I really love about him…this always leaves more for me! (What IS up with them not liking cherries?!) :-)

  4. coffeepot Says:

    Ali you have a very prestigios award at my site. lol

  5. Ali Says:

    Oooh! An award! I’d better not post the photos of our camp breakfast of B&M Beans and canned ham!

    Just got back from a few days camping so I’ll work on my acceptance speech tomorrow. As for the cherry trees, I’m 1 for 1 right now, the Montmorency sour cherry is officially firewood. I did just recently read of a 2-for-1 treatment to avoid borers and sunscald-painting the trunks with dilute white latex paint. I’ll be doing that real soon.

    Thanks for the award, look for blueberry yumminess soon :-) Dan doesn’t like raw blueberries, either. YAY!


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