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While researching menu ideas for my next camping vacation, I came across a very interesting article cited by NYTimes writer Mark Bittman on his blog, making the case that “renewing the culinary culture should be a conservative cause.” Wow, something that conservatives and I can agree on.


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  1. Laurie Ann Says:

    what type of camping do you do? I just wondered because camp cooking is my specialty.

  2. Krys Says:

    I find Mark Bittman’s view on cooking refreshing — simple ingredients, simple techniques, great results. No gastrique of this, jus de that. I can easily see how most of his recipes would work as well in a camp setting as they would in the most sophisticated of urban kitchens.

    Have a great vacation!


  3. Ali Says:

    Krys: I’m a big fan of Bittman. His focus on quality ingredients prepared simply suits me to a T. The recent article he did on 102 picnic food ideas was great, as were the reader comments. He wrote something similar last summer for no-cook meals during the dog days of August that I need to find, too.

    Laurie Ann: Over the years, I’ve done it all, living deep in the woods, canoe trips, coastal island camping, etc., but these days we tend to car camp at Maine’s gorgeous state parks and do dayhikes/paddles/touristy stuff. I’ve got nothin’ to prove anymore and I love the air mattress! Our next trip will be back to Cobscook Bay State Park in far Eastern Maine (you can find a post or two about last years trip on the blog). Next year Ihope we’ll be heading back to Nova Scotia/Cape Breton or maybe Newfoundland. Or the Gaspe peninsula, or…. Anyway, I’d love to hear some of your camping favorites, I’ll be checking out your blog!

  4. Laurie Ann Says:

    Thanks Ali,

    On the blog you will also find a link to a wilderness cooking site and a book site where I have some recipes. I am very interested in Maine and we are thinking of going there next year. I’ll dig a little deeper into your blog and see what adventures I can find. We are still into the canoe camping and backpacking in a serious way but also like to visit regular campgrounds. That touristy campground approach would probably be what we do when we come to Maine.

    I’m also completely intrigued by Bittman and well have to read about the picnic foods. I just adore reading about other people’s approach to these things. We sometimes do weeknight picnics in the park just for fun.

  5. Ali Says:

    Hey Laurie Ann,
    By all means come to Maine! There are tons of great backcountry site on Maine Public Reserve land –Gulf Hagas, the Allagash, and Deboullie Pond come to mind as great spots, but there are many, many more and I’m happy to share my knowledge of them. Unfortunately the blog is too new to document much of my backcountry experience –I swapped backcountry trips for old-house renovation and big garden :-)

  6. Laurie Ann Says:

    I understand about the old house renos and garden…. we are currently working on this place

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