I’m still alive…

just a busy bee here at Henbogle. We were off to New York’s Catskills area last week to visit the family and eat some yummy green beans, my first of the season, from Mom’s square foot garden. We also enjoyed some chard and onion from her garden, and some corn from one of the gorgeous farms in the Middleburgh valley area.

Then back to Henbogle to find we’ve now eliminated our rain deficit, with over 5 inches of rain in the last 2 weeks, and the garden has exploded with growth. We’ve been eating new potatoes, cauliflower, chard, zucchini, basil, and, on Friday, August 1, our first ripe tomato! No photos, cause I’ve been too busy to slow down for photos, but it was delicious. We’ve also been busy picking, eating and freezing our blackberries (9.5 lbs.) and blueberries (11.5 lbs.), and we ordered and froze 40 lbs. of wild Maine blueberries, yum! The freezer is looking very full, and we have chickens from Dan’s teacher/farmer colleague Nina on order for October, and pork from our pal Warren too. Hmmm….

Look for another post soon on the hoop house, now sporting all the hoops and the center purlin, and our second crop of tomatoes trellised inside. Now I’ve got to make blackberry ice cream, pick, blanch and freeze some chard and cauliflower, hang out more laundry, weed, pull bolted lettuce and replant with beets, turnip, and Waldoboro rutabaga, etc., etc., etc.!

And finally, thanks to Robin of Season’s Eatings Farm for an award! Robin was selected by Lisa at Laughing Orca Ranch and then passed along the Brillante Award to me. I need to select some other bloggers to pass the award along to, so look for a post on that soon, too. I’ve learned so much from Robin’s blog, that to be recognized by Robin is a noteworthy achievement! THANK YOU!


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  1. Kathy in Tennessee Says:

    I have been reading through your blog and I am so jealous! What an amazingly beautiful yard and garden you have. I wish I could get my husband to be as interested in gardening and such as yours is. He thinks I’m nuts because I’ve enlisted him to help build a chicken coop and a compost bin since the first of July. I informed him over the weekend that we are headed to a square foot gardening project as soon as the coop and run are finished and full of residents. All this, along with slowly remodeling the entire house, which we’ve been doing for the past 5 years. Actually, only remodeling during the winter months, he says it’s too hot to do it in the summer.

    I read your post on your ice cream maker and copied down the recipe for the strawberry ice cream. My mother gave me the same model that someone had given her. She never used it and passed it along. I lucked upon a good deal on strwberries at our local grocery store and have a small freezer full. I’ve made smoothies and sorbet so far. I looked for a quick recipe for the grand-kids and decided to try Wal-Mart’s lemonade. It made a delicious sorbet and the kids thought it was great fun to watch it go round and round until it was frozen. My husband takes some to work in his cooler for his mid-morning snack. He works outside and if he takes a well frozen bit with him in his cooler it is just soft enough to eat by break.

    Keep up the good work on your gardens. The hoop house looks like another good project for us as well. I was going to do one for the chicken run, but a garden one sounds good too! You are a great inspiration.

  2. Ali Says:

    Remodeling the house and gardening and chicken husbandry– you sound like us! We’ve been working on the human coop for seven years, one project at a time….

    Good luck with the chickens and the garden. Maybe once your hubby gets a taste of the fresh and yummy eggs and veggies he will become a convert! I know I’m lucky that Dan and I are such good gardening companions. I’m keeping him :-)

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