As Maine goes, so goes Monsanto

Monsanto is ditching the dairy hormone business. Apparently, consumer demand for milk from cows not treated with rGBH is soaring, and Monsanto is bailing. Maine’s Oakhurst Dairy led the nation in providing rGBH-free milk, requiring its farmers not use rGBH and then was sued by Monsanto for labeling their milk as such. Monsanto has been threatening other lawsuits over the labeling, but apparently has sniffed the winds of consumer demand and bailed. A small victory against the evil Monsanto, but a victory nonetheless! Read more about it at the above link in today’s Portland Press Herald.


4 Responses to “As Maine goes, so goes Monsanto”

  1. perennialgardenlover Says:

    Great post, very informative. Thanks for the link.

  2. ApeMan Says:

    So when are people gong to start calling for un-pasteurized and un-homogenized milk? I know in some areas you can get it that way.

  3. michelle Says:

    Can it really be true? I have always had to hunt (not to mention pay more) for hormone free milk. Great news!

  4. sjones71 Says:

    I had no idea! I can’t believe Monsanto capitulated! They seem to sue over every ridiculous thing and the government seems to allow it time and time again. Patents on seeds? Suing farmers with open pollination crops? Come on! Great post.. Go Maine!

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