Stretching the summer…

like a rubber band, we joined my friend Holly and new husband Dave for an overnight at their campsite in Tenants’ Harbor this weekend.  Holly and I gathered mussels for the evening agenda (seafood feast), then drove over to the nearest lobster pound to get some lobster.

Firing up the camp stove, we cooked us some lobstah and mussels with a little melted butter, some foil-wrapped grilled veggies from the garden, and bread to dip in the mussel broth.  WOW.  I’m salivating in remembrance.  It was a fabulous meal, capped a while later with some expertly cooked s’mores.  Life doesn’t get much better.

The next day, we were off to Monhegan Island, a small, hilly island about 10 miles offshore, summer home of some of Maine’s most renown artists, and a few year-round residents, primarily fishing families and innkeepers.  Cruising aboard the Elizabeth Ann, we passed Marshall Point Light, made famous in the lighthouse scene in the movie Forrest Gump, then headed for open water.  About an hour later we arrived at Monhegan Harbor.

After disembarking, we hiked some of the 11+/- miles of trail, had a picnic lunch overlooking the harbor and Manana Island, and checked out the museum, and did a little shopping.  It was a glorious late summer day, warm, clear and breezy.  We had a marvelous time; I managed to completely forget about the beans that awaited picking and freezing, the tomatoes to process, the hoop house in need of plastic, etc., etc., etc. 

It was a great weekend to celebrate all that is good about Maine and friends.  We had great food, coastal beauty, good conversation, nice hiking and a boat ride.  Now, the rubber band snaps, and stings me back to reality.

A poem by my friend Holly:

We stretched the summer like a rubber band until it snapped,

stinging us back to reality.


4 Responses to “Stretching the summer…”

  1. Nancy Bond Says:

    Maine is so beautiful — that would be a perfect way to celebrate the end of August. I’m sure the beans, tomatoes, and the hoop house were still waiting for you upon your return. :)

  2. sjones71 Says:

    Lovely! What a great way to spend time.

    Each summer I declare it the “Summer Of Non Stop Mussels” and aim to eat mussels 5 times a week. It never works out, but I do seem to eat more and more each year now. Love them…

  3. Giddy Says:

    Ah yes, Monhegan Island is a great place to visit. Unfortunately, Hubby didn’t take my advice to buy some dramamine and got horribly seasick on the way over. After purchasing dramamine on the island (much more expensive) and a picnic with 1/2 bottle of red wine, he had a fine trip back to Port Clyde! “-)

  4. Ali Says:

    Ouch! I can believe people get seasick frequently on the Monhegan trip, it was pretty bumpy. Glad hubby recovered, Giddy!

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