Hoophouse end walls

We tackled the end walls on the hoop house today, hoping to get the walls constructed and plastic on before the next rain day (predicted for Sunday). We used lumber we had on hand, remnants from past projects. We ripped some 2″x4″s and 2″x6″s down to 2″x2″s to construct the frame, making the lumber we had work. First, we attached the three upright pieces to the hoophouse sill at about 4 feet from the ground. We used self-tapping coated decking screws for the construction, in case we should need to deconstruct the hoophouse. (Note the white floating row cover hanging from the hoops –we used it to cover our tomatoes when we had a frost warning earlier this week.)

To the uprights, we attached the horizontal piece, and attached a final upright between the horizontal piece and the center purlin. Lastly, we cut 2 pieces to run diagonally from the top upright to the sidewall edges of the horizontal piece.

The north wall will be closed, so we did not frame in an opening for a door. The south wall will have a door, so we contsructed the frame a bit differently to provide support for a door.

We used a screen door from our shed which was in rough shape and needed work; instead, we used this door for the hoophouse, simply cutting off the part of the door that needed repair as the door was too large and needed shortening. We rarely use that door, so this was an easy and cheap solution.

We will probably add a horizontal piece between the door frame and the sidewall vertical to strengthen this wall, which will get a workout from the door being used.

We started to cover the end walls with plastic, using some left over from past projects. I had planned to use greenhouse plastic, but as we had this on hand we used it –and I’m glad we did as we will do things slightly differently next time. Stay tuned for the next episode when we install the plastic on the door end wall and cover the hoops I hope we can do this tomorrow but we’ll see how the weather holds.


5 Responses to “Hoophouse end walls”

  1. nancybond Says:

    Well done!

  2. Kathryn and Ari Says:

    Hooray for hoophouses! You’re going to be so happy to have hearty greens all year. I just tried a new pizza recipe with goat cheese, Thai-chilies, chard, and cherry tomatoes. I bet that would taste great on a cold January night!

  3. sjones71 Says:

    Wow! Looks great. I’m starting to think that I’ve got room for a hoophouse. Now… does that mean I have to build it? I’m not exactly known for my build it abilities!

  4. Ali Says:

    Kathryn, I may need that pizza recipe! YUM!

    Jonesy, this is a simple project, you could do it (assuming your vole-bitten hand doesn’t get gangrenous and fall off). Home Despot (at least here in Maine) will cut lumber for you, $1 per cut, so you could get them to rip down any needed lumber. All you’d need then is a saw to cut things to length and a screwdriver or drill&screwdriver bit.

  5. thelazygardener Says:

    Ours is getting close to looking like this. Thanks for the inspiration, I’ll have photos up soon.

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