Root crops

We dug our potatoes yesterday.  We had an amazing yield.  We used a square foot type method, planting in 4’x4′ blocks, 1 plant every square foot.  The Rose Apple Finn and the LaRatte were especially prolific, although again this year, the RAFs were very knobby and contorted (see that single potato Dan’s holding).  The Yukon Golds are tasty and huge, but the yield was less.  The ground was still pretty wet, but I only found on tater with any rot.  We rinsed them in the sink, and loaded them onto burlap to dry a bit.  Today we need to sort more carefully, pulling out any injured potatoes for first use, and weigh the lot for the record

I also pulled our carrot crop, pictured here.  Yep, that’s right, our entire crop, all six of them, including the bug eaten one at the bottom of the photo.  Well, I did pull a 2-3 a few weeks ago, but basically we had a crop failure.  I had tried planting them under burlap to keep the seeds moist, but still had very poor germination.  Of course, it didn’t help that I planted them right before a long dry spell in June, but being me and unable to stick to the rules of scientific investigation, I added a few more variables.  I planted them in a raised bed, and made homemade seed tape for planting.

Of course, this means I can’t really determine with any surety what caused such poor germination: the raised bed draining too quickly, the seed tape, or the dry spell.  I may just skip carrots next year.  Whatever the cause, they sure tasted good.  Last night for dinner I roasted a big batch of root veggies: carrots, potatoes, gold beets, red beets, and onions.  YUM!


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  1. Taylor Says:

    Mmmm….potatoes. I have very, very little room in my garden, but I may have to turn at least a little over to potatoes next year. I just love them so much!

    And as for the carrots, mine were planted in raised beds and they did just fine…maybe it was one of the other variables? My guess would be the dry spell, but I don’t know much about carrots :)

  2. Daphne Gould Says:

    I used burlap this year too – mainly because I had it left over and figured why not. I watered the burlap everyday to make sure they would germinate. Of course my germination was still spotty. So I reseeded and reseeded until I finally had it all filled in. Finicky things.

  3. nancybond Says:

    A delicious yield, I’d say. :)

  4. oldbiddy Says:

    We grow yukon gold, kennebec, red russet and irish cobbler.
    Nothing compares to freshly dug potatoes.

    When we lived in town we used square foot gardening. I now live on an acreage and still practice some of it even though we have plenty of room!

    I’ve always had problems with carrots – poor germination, and root maggots get in them. It looks like your soil might be too clayish from the looks of yours or maybe it’s just the variety.

    With the economy like it is I expect lots of folks will be gardening next year!

    It’s always nice to stop by and see someone else’s gardening! Thanks for letting me visit!

  5. Sugarcamp Says:

    I`ve always had pretty good luck growing carrots and in raised beds. So I also don`t think that is the cause of your poor yield. Keeping the soil moist until germination I found is important. I got one huge carrot the other day and took a photo. So some day you will get to see it.

  6. Claire Says:

    But where, oh where, are my favourites? The PARSNIPS???? I cannot garden without them. Such a sweet treat for winter. Our potatoes did very well this year, but the carrots were quite sparse. I haven’t dug the parsnips yet – they need a good frost.

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