What would you do with Palin’s $157,800?

According to Maureen Dowd in the NY Times, Sarah Palin’s recent hair, makeup, and wardrobe makeover cost upwards of $157,800.  What would you makeover with $157,800?

Here’s my fantasy list (note I’m not using the $ to pay down debt, i.e., mortgage, rather I’m pumping it into the local service economy where it will make a big impact.  Hey, it’s a fantasy!)

$15,000 for a new highly efficient heating system utilizing either geothermal or solar energy for part of the system

$15,000 for highly efficient replacement windows

$2,000 for additional attic insulation

$5000 to re-shingle the barn roof & replace the skylights

$8,000 to renovate primary bath

$1,500 for unheated greenhouse

$30,000 for more land from our neighbor (total pipe dream!)

$5,000 on preparing newly purchased land for an orchard and additional vegetable garden space

$3,000 new permanent-foundation chicken coop

$3,000 re-point woodstove chimney

$10,000 rebuild entire house foundation

$25,000 new fiber-cement siding & painting

$12,000 kitchen renovation (what the hell, I can’t think of what else to spend it on!)

$3300 brick pizza oven

$20,000 donation to the local food bank & local Habitat for Humanity chapter

ps: I thought about trading in my car for a hybrid, but the Prius, which I don’t like, only gets 46 mpg, where my ’03 manual transmission Pontiac Vibe gets 36 mpg and I LOVE it.  So, no new car until more fuel efficient cars are available.


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  1. Kim Says:

    Here’s how I’d spend it. I would need to save some, but I’ll put the rest back into the economy.

    – $6,000 (estimate) on architect for kitchen/hall/bath/office redo. We need the architect because we need to move walls.
    – $80,000 (guess) for the redo – it would cost more, but we’ll be doing a lot of the work ourselves.
    – $400 for crushed stone for the shed foundation
    – $950 slate and bluestone for the “landing” from the deck into the yard and to connect the paths
    – $350 for pea gravel for garden paths
    – $750 for a fabby-do disappearing fountain water feature – I figure the urn alone will cost about $500.
    – $22,000 for a new car to replace Garden Man’s 200,000 mile Camry that just died.
    – $8,000 (wild guess) to replace the asphalt driveway which is crumbling
    – $6550 to the local food bank
    – $25,000 to the bank in a CD for the kids’ college fund, since the current economic situation has decimated what we’d invested and we’ll need college funds soon.
    Not a single dime on plants. I have enough (until I decide, probably in a day or two, that I don’t have enough!

  2. Kate@LivingTheFrugalLife Says:

    Easy-peasy. I’d throw it all at the mortgage. That would leave us with a small enough principle that I could probably convince my husband to just cough up the rest out of savings, or whatever remains of our stocks.

    Now, if our mortgage were finished off, I’d probably sink that much into the construction of our retirement home on our farmland.

  3. Taylor Says:

    Oooh! I LOVE this!

    I’d take $150,000 and put it into buying a little farmhouse with some land. I’ve had my eye one one that’s running $325,000 (Damn, Massachusetts is expensive!) and then I’d take the rest and blow it on a big lavish trip to Europe!

  4. McCainPalin08 Says:

    I would use it to construct a LARGE billboard across the street that says “McCain Palin ’08” with neon lights – solar and hot air powered.

  5. Ali Says:

    Kim, thanks for visiting, you have an inspiring list! I’ll stop by your blog again.

    Kate, in reall life, with a windfall like that I’d definitely pay down the mortgage, although I would also complete some of the more pressing home maintenance. Good call!

    Taylor, I hear ya about real estate. I don’t think I could afford to buy my home if I were in the market today. :-( Good luck finding a place in MA.

    McCainPalin — You know, what really bothers me about the Republican Party these days is how mean spirited they are. In the past I have voted for a Republican now and then, but not this year.

  6. solar energy heating system | Bookmarks URL Says:

    […] … this tour, I felt inspired about environmental sustainability, and I researched solar energy and historic preservation to learn more about what other localities in Virginia are doing to make a change. During this tour, different officials were set up at various stations throughout the site in order … What would you do with Palin’s $157,800? […]

  7. marbledust Says:

    The first thing I’d do with that money would be to combine it with the sale of my present home and buy a fortress far, far away from the liberal cry babies. I’ve heard that “mean spirited” comment used by the liberals many times throughout this campaign, OBVIOUSLY they never listened to their own campaign ads.
    However, once reality sets in I would make sure that my lovely wife never had to work another day in her life. But, I’m sure that if I were to attempt to spend $157,800 on my wife, Obama would make damn sure that $157,799 of it would go to that many illegals.

  8. 7citychickens Says:

    I’d give it all to charity; Compassion International, Bright Hope. I’d give it to those who are truly in need. As an American, am rich in comparison to 2/3’eds of the world.

    I’m a crunchy conservative, voting for McCain-Palin.

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