Preparing for winter

We had a clear if cool weekend here at Henbogle, which was a good thing since the to-do list was way long.

We started cutting back the perennial beds.

I checked under the row cover and decided today was the day.

We harvested the last of the garden (beets, parsley and lettuce) from the main garden and put away the floating row cover.

We put the hoses away, drained the water line and drained and stored the rain barrels.  The ceramic deck planters were stored in the garden shed, and we set up the bird feeders.  We put some old screening down under the feeder near the deck to see if that would make cleaning up the debris easier come spring.

We loaded up the truck with some lilac branches and the powdery mildew infested plants and some other assorted stuff, and made some trips to the recycling/garden debris center.  We scored some plywood to use in the hoop house, and on the way home, Dan spied a sign from a defunct business piled by the side of the road.  The wood makes a stable base for the chairs and table in the hoop house.

We cleaned out the dead plant debris from the main garden.  Last weekend we moved Henbogle Coop up to the main garden so that the girls could do fall clean-up for us.  They’ve been having a wonderful time scratching in the beds, eating worms and bugs, and cleaning up the last of the tomatoes, greens and whatever else they could find.

We set up the Hendome (a mini-hoop house) for winter shelter for the girls over the central row in the main garden.

The girls were, of course, immense help.  We’ve used this set up for three years now and it works great.  The girls have room to scratch around and shelter from the weather all winter.

We banked the south end with straw bales, one inside and one outside.

And stacked some bales to shelter the dome entrance from snow and wind.

Sophie, aka Inspector #3, gave it the OK.

While Sophie was hard at work, her slacker sisters Pippi and Dorothy played jungle gym on the bales.

5 Responses to “Preparing for winter”

  1. Sugarcamp Says:

    Glad you had a nice day in order to get things done. Busy. busy. busy. I feel like a slacker. I still have things to do outdoors. We`re supposed to have a nice day or two this coming week. Sure hope so.

  2. Ali Says:

    Mom, believe me, I know a slacker when I see one, and you are no slacker.

  3. Weezer Says:

    I second that Ali!!
    It’s not a race.

  4. deb Says:

    I just found you blog on blotanical. Love the name.

  5. nancybond Says:

    That empty table in the loop house just seems to say, “The game is over.” But how prepared you’ll be come spring. And those beets are going to be so sweet, having stayed in the ground until now. Yum!

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