Good canning weather

img_3306A rainy weekend became a good weekend to get some more canning done.

I recently bought a bushel of utility apples through a work connection, and found some fabulous very ripe organic bananas at the img_3307grocery store at a discounted take-me-home price.  The results: Banana Jam with Chocolate (9 half pints), Apple Jam with Lemon and Cardamom (15 half pints), and a vat of applesauce.  I ended up with 9 half pints and 13 pints of applesauce, and a batch of apple butter cooking in the crock pot which will equal 8-9 yielded 10 half pints.  Even with all that, I have a few apples remaining.  Whew.  I need to go back to work tomorrow to rest up.


While I stirred and chopped in the kitchen, Dan did a lot of work in the yard.  He got a lot of our leaves raked and spread out under the flowering crab.  This area is rife with really aggressive weeds, so over the leaves goes a thick layer of cardboard as part of our weed eradication project.  We are slowly reclaiming that area as a shady fern and hosta garden, with some larger understory shrubs (red & black chokeberries, snowberry, serviceberry) mixed in.  I’d like to add a pagosa dogwood but need to research a bit more to see how much sun it needs.  I have 2 clethra bushes there that don’t seem thrilled with the shade.

Dan also cleaned Henbogle coop and set up the water heater for the girls, preparing for the coming winter.  We just had a yummy dinner of beef and bean burritos with swiss chard and corn from the summer, yum.  I’m writing this post as Dan loads the dishwasher, then time to relax.  It was a busy day!


2 Responses to “Good canning weather”

  1. Tyra in Vaxholm Sweden Says:

    Oh…that looks really nice! Yes, November is perfect for canning and baking as a matter of fact today is typical baking weather + 8, very windy and rain. / Tyra

  2. Sue Says:

    Oh that looks soooo wonderful! I love to can!

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