Frosty on the outside, cozy on the inside


We were blessed with the sun today, although the winds were still a brisk 10-15 mph and the temp a chilly 28°F, so we did complete a few of the more urgent chores.   First, I had to check out the hoophouse.

Amazingly, by noon-ish it img_3333was 52°F in the hoophouse, while outside the temp remained below freezing.  How cool is that!  The lettuces amazingly have continued to grow, slowly, yes, but grow.  We will have some lettuce over the holiday!img_3342

With possible snow in the forecast, we couldn’t linger in the hoophouse.  We had to see to our feathered friends’s comfort!  First, a roost for them in the Hendome.  Then a nice new bale of straw for them to pull apart and entertain themselves with, incidentally eating any stray seeds that came with the bale.  By spring the straw will be perfect for mulching the veggie garden.

Then, we had to finish storing tools and gardening equipment for the season. img_3339Fencing, the cement mixer, garden hoses in the garbage can, you name it, it is in the gardenshed.  We also finished storing all the deck furniture and our kayaks in the barn.  What a relief to have this done, finally.  We also managed to put up another birdfeeding station.  Dan’s crowbar made it through the semi-frozen topsoil to set the post.  We’ll hang suet from this feeder.

Now, if I can just get to the last pile of leaves in the back and raking and cutting back perennials in the front garden before we have snow I’ll be happy.

There’s still more to do before Mom comes for the Thanksgiving holiday, but we called it quits at 4:30, and wrapped up the day with homemade pizza and a game of cards with pals K&B.  It was a good and productive weekend.


2 Responses to “Frosty on the outside, cozy on the inside”

  1. nancybond Says:

    Sounds like the perfect sort of weekend. :)

  2. El Says:

    Yay, look at those lettuces! We’ve been snowy here and even had a snow day on Friday already. What’s weird is that the ground is not fully frozen, like yours…it’s still squishy underfoot. Ah well. But I had to laugh when I saw your shed. It looks just like my toolshed and I always wonder how that happens…

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