She’s on her way…

Three very sweet words:  Status In flight.


Despite wind, snow and rain, Mom’s on her way to visit us here in Maine.  YAY!

I hope she doesn’t mind a few lot of cobwebs and cat hairs

4 Responses to “She’s on her way…”

  1. jeannie177 Says:

    Ali I don’t think Mommy will mind at all. I’m sure she’s really looking forward to being with you and Dan for thanksgiving. And I like the idea that she decided to go. It will do her well. And We wish you all a Very Happy Thanksgiving in Maine.
    Love Jean and Buddy.

  2. O. Says:

    Henbogle house just wouldn’t be the same without the free-range kitty fur.


    Enjoy the brown food!

  3. ProfTheory Says:

    She has very much been looking forward to visiting Henbogle. She is interested in what both of you have been doing. One thing recently was the picture of Dan in the Hen Dome. I’m sure she’ll have a tasty Thanksgiving!

    I was hoping to get a call when she arrived.

  4. ProfTheory Says:

    I did get a call. See Dan’s post for more information.

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