Eeek a leek!

img_3406We had our first snow to speak of today, a dusting, and yet I am still harvesting leeks from the garden.  Amazing, and amazingly delicious in some turkey vegetable soup with rice for dinner tonight.  I’m trying to restrain myself, but the Fedco wishbook (aka seed catalog) arrived the other day.  My goal is to wait until January to start garden planning, as an antidote to the post-holiday, mid-January blues.  Still, I read somewhere the other day that we are closer to the first day of spring today than we were in September.  Leeks will definitely be on the seed list.

With the snow this morning, we had 5 reluctant hens hanging out in Henbogle Coop, afraid to venture out into the scary snow.  I finally coaxed them out with some extra scratch, and they soon got over their fear of the snow.

The remnants of Thanksgiving dinner are almost gone.  We had a yummy new twist on Thanksgiving dinner earlier this week, Thanksgiving Pie.  I made a img_3392savory squash crust, and filled it with turkey, cranberry sauce, carrots and parsnips, chopped pear, a crumbled piece of cornbread, some poultry seasoning, and an egg beaten with leftover whipping cream.  Sounds odd but it was delicious.  That and a salad of purchased organic baby lettuces made a dab dinner.  I’ll be trying the squash crust concept again.

Not much news around here to report of late.  We are due for another warm up later in the week (unfortunately including more rain, yuk). I hope we’ll finally have some greens to harvest from the hoophouse.   I need to have some leeks in there for sure next year.  YUM!


3 Responses to “Eeek a leek!”

  1. Claire Says:

    Wow, that pie looks super! I’d love to hear more about the squash crust. I am a big squash fan. Did you add it into a pastry recipe or is it just squash with no other ingredients? How does it slice – does it stay together or fall apart?

  2. Ali Says:

    Hi Claire,

    I beat 2 eggs with a little salt, and stirred them into some well drained squash, and spread that into a well-buttered pie plate. I then pre-baked it for a while as the oven was warming, until it had set up a bit. Sorry, it was all experimental, no exact measures or times.

    It worked ok, but because the filling was a bit freeform, too, it was a little difficult to slice. I think next time I would either use a tart pan with a removable bottom or maybe dust the pie plate with finely ground pecans or breadcrumbs. If I had sliced it while cool I think it would have worked ok. I would say the crust is worth experimenting on, and hey, who cares if it falls apart when it is that good :-)

  3. Giddy Says:

    Yum! I love to experiment with recipes and the squash pie shell sounds really tasty. I think I may have some leftover sweet potatoes in the freezer so I may just give it a try.

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