Crikey it’s cold

So much for lettuce from the hoophouse.   A brisk northwest wind swept the snow clouds away overnight, and the temperature plunged.  This morning it is barely 6°F with a bitter wind; with the wind chill it is about -7°  a long plunge down from yesterday’s high of 32°F!  When I went to move my car for Dan to leave this morning my car door was nearly frozen shut.  BRRRRR!

EVENING UPDATE:  When we checked the min/max thermometer this evening, the temperature had dropped during the day to 5°F.  Yowza, it was a cold day today.  The chooks seemed fine despite the cold, although they made a beeline this morning for the Hendome.


4 Responses to “Crikey it’s cold”

  1. ProfTheory Says:

    It must be cold there and the snow is spilling over to the blog!

  2. Sugarcamp Says:

    Brrrr. It was 7 degrees here this AM. Expected to be colder tomorrow with higher winds. Dress warm. Mom

  3. Kathryn and Ari Says:

    I can’t believe how cold it was yesterday! It felt a lot more like mid-January than it did early December. Sorry about the lettuce, but hope you’re getting some of this beautiful snow as a consolation prize.

  4. jeannie177 Says:

    I Know you and Dan while keep each other warm this winter.
    But Buddy and I will take Florida any winter!
    Love jean

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