Wintry mix

img_3420As you may have heard on the news, winter swept into Maine with a vengeance last weekend.  Snow, sleet and freezing rain coated much of the southern half of Maine in a thick layer of ice, downing power lines and leaving over 200,000 of my neighbors without electricity.  The storm was followed by another cold snap, making power restoration and cleanup that much more difficult.   Another storm left 3-5 inches of snow over the southern half of the state img_3416again today, but electrical service has been restored to most homes.

AUGUSTA, Maine, Dec. 17, 2008, 5 p.m. — Central Maine Power Co. (CMP) has restored service to nearly all homes and businesses in York County following last Friday’s ice storm. At 5 p.m., an estimated 350 customer accounts were without power. Part of that number represents new outages reported today, likely a result of the snow that came through York County this morning. Since Friday, crews have restored service to more than 219,600 customer accounts.

img_34321We were fortunate here at Henbogle.   Our lights flickered several times, but we did not lost power.  We lost a couple of old lilac branches and some branches off the maple, but no real damage occurred, (except to my knee when I slipped on the ice).

img_3436The girls aren’t crazy about the ice and snow, but they are very happy with the Hendome, which weathered the ice storm unscathed.  I am so glad we thought of the Hendome for the girls.  I think they are so much happier than they would have been in their coop.

Despite the storm, my friend Holly made it to Henbogle for a visit.  We didn’t do much other than laugh, do a little Christmas shopping at Reny’s, and cook, but we had a fabulous time.  I do wish we could figure out a way to relocate Holly & hubby Dave to Maine.

We made toffee, and shrimp tortilla soup with squash souffles, and Friday night, we enjoyed pizza at our friends Karen’s and Bill’s home.  Karen makes the best pizza I have ever had, even better than mine, it is amazing.  We were lucky to have had the weekend given the weather.

In January 1998, Maine had a devastating ice storm which left many thousands without power for  many days, myself included.  I was fortunate that my college employer made the gym available for shelter and showers, and the cafeteria provided meals for employees.  It was a very long two weeks.  I vowed at the time I would strive to become less dependent on the electrical grid, and I am pleased to say that I feel I could much more readily survive without electricity these days.  We are lucky to have municipal water, which does not require electricity; the woodstove can provide adequate heat to keep us warm, and heat water for bathing and dishwashing; my gas range means I am able to cook.  Losing the contents of my freezer would be devastating, but I could survive for quite some time without the benefit of electricity.  But I am happy to have it!


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  1. Nancy Bond Says:

    We’ve been watching the restoration of power to your area with great interest — what a powerful storm. It reminds me of the ice storm that crippled much of eastern Canada in ’98 as well…the same storm, I’m sure, that affected you at that time. I hope things are soon put back to right again as people prepare for the holidays.

  2. ProfTheory Says:

    I hope the knee wasn’t badly bruised. I’m sure it hurt. We had a few branches break off the pine trees and one did bump the gutter, which left a slight dent, but no major damage. The forecast last night was for 2″-4″ of snow and we only got about 1/2″.

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